With all of the vampire movies out there it's of course hard to stand out or do anything new. But that's not even the problem with this movie. It does in fact has a pretty original and promising main premise but it just doesn't know how to handle it and suffers greatly from an extremely poor script.

Sort of funny how it has become a sort of a trend to have movies and series in which vampires and humans are now living alongside each other. It's an interesting evolution for the genre but perhaps it has run its course already. As this movie also demonstrates, there is only so much you can do with this premise.

And this movie isn't really doing anything all that interesting with it anyway. The way the story is getting told makes it actually hard to understand what is going on at times. Not that it has a complicated script but the overall movie doesn't really has a good flow to it, making the story come across as messy and uninteresting at times. I still don't really know were the story was trying to take the movie, or why vampires and humans had to team up in this.

All of the story developments in this movie just didn't ever made enough sense to me. It seems as if stuff just happens and you are simply supposed to just go along with it. The movie isn't focusing enough on telling one good and clear main story, making this movie mostly unpleasant to watch.

It just doesn't really offer enough entertainment either. There is plenty of action but it's just hard to ever feel involved or taken by any of it. You'll have a hard time caring about this movie, or any of its characters. All of the emotions fall incredibly flat because of that and it just doesn't ever makes this a fun or thrilling or tense movie to watch.

There just is no good reason why you should ever watch this movie!


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