So this is being a very standard genre movie but there is nothing wrong with being standard, as long as it got done capably, as was the case with this movie.

It's definitely not a movie that stands out, in any way or form. The story is extremely formulaic and the action isn't anything too mind-blowing. It still however feels far from a bad movie and chances are you'll simply have a good time with it while watching it, though it's doubtful you'll ever watch the movie again after it and it won't be one that will stick on your mind for very long time.

Make no mistake about it; this is not Bruce Willis his "Taken", though on paper it might still sound that way. As a matter of fact, he is hardly being in the movie at all! So please, don't go into this movie expecting to see a typical, good old fashioned, Bruce Willis genre flick, in which he gets to do a whole lot of fighting and shooting. It's really Henry Cavill who is playing the one and only lead role of the movie and it therefore is also really his movie and his movie alone.

You could say it's annoying how this movie uses a very straightforward and standard story, in which nothing really happens as a surprise to you but I feel that it served its purpose well enough and besides got handled decently. It's not a bad action flick by any standards and the genre lovers will probably get plenty of enjoyment out of it. It's however still being somewhat annoying when the movie tries to be clever or wants to 'suprise' you with a twist, that most people will already see coming from miles away. It also feels wrong for the movie to feature a McGuffin in it. For some movies it works but for other it just feels like a cheap and lazy plot device, as is also being the case for this movie.

Saying that the movie its story is simple doesn't mean that it isn't being confusing to watch at times though. What makes thing bad and confusing is that the movie keeps on introducing new characters, pretty much all the way through. It makes it hard to figure out what is going on at times and what everybody wants exactly. The movie just doesn't always have the best storytelling in it and at times things just aren't really flowing well and pleasantly enough.

The movie certainly makes you wonder what the likes of Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver are doing on this but in all truth, their presence helps to bring the movie up another notch. They make their characters interesting, distinguishable and charismatic ones, which was something that this movie really needed, since it doesn't really feature a good, charismatic, main villain or hero in it.

Perfectly watchable for on a rainy afternoon when you really have nothing else to do. But other than that, really nothing special or something that you should be running out for to see.


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