Is there even such a thing as a bad Iranian movie? Seriously, I have seen a whole variety of movies from Iran by now, each from different decades as well but I have never seen one that I could call being anything beyond really good.

And this movie is being a great one as well. It's great in all of its simplicity. It's a movie that is taking a humble and honest approach to its subject and doesn't ever goes overboard with anything. The story remains small and simplistic at all times and none of the emotions or story developments feel forced.

It's also being a small and humble movie with all of its settings and characters. Most of the movie is set at the same location and it only features a handful of characters in it.

The movie is being also especially great with its cinematography and storytelling. It rather not shows or tells you certain things, so that the movie almost constantly forces you to use you our mind to make things up and put certain things together. Sometimes the camera isn't even focusing on the person talking, or the person is off screen entirely. It's a special sort of approach that worked out just great for this particular movie.

It's also being a quite interesting one with its themes. The movie focuses on a man that wants to commit suicide and is searching for a man to bury him, once the deed is done. This is however a movie set in an Islamic country, in which suicide is considered to be a mortal sin. This, amongst other things, provides the movie with some provocative moments and exchanges of dialog between the man and the different characters he meets on his search. And it luckily is not a movie that tries to have a moral in it or tries to teach you anything about life. It's instead being one that really allows you to make up your own mind about its subject and the themes it handles.

Truly one great and provoking movie, that doesn't ever gets pretentious or overdoes certain things.


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