This was far from impressive. And that comes from a guy who even enjoyed watching "Starship Troopers 3: Marauder"!

Well, I admit, it's not being a horrible movie either but there just is no good reason for you ever to watch this animated movie, not even if you're really into the whole Starship Troopers franchise. It doesn't stand out franchise in any way and also adds absolutely nothing to the franchise as a whole.

The first thing that becomes obvious about this movie, pretty early on already, is the fact that it isn't being anything that impressive to look at. It's one of those computer animated movies, of which the graphics don't look nearly as impressive as the ones used for some video games nowadays. And I'm really not exaggerating! This is the sort of stuff that might had been impressive to look at 10 years ago but by today's standards it's being a bit lacking to look at. Not that the movie is a horrible or fake looking one but it just absolutely never impresses in any way of form with its animations. Not with the character design, not with action, not with anything!

But what makes the movie worse is that it also doesn't has a decent script to back it up. I couldn't care less about anything that happened in this movie, which was all due to the story not being solid or exciting enough. It's all some very typical stuff and the movie never goes all out on anything. I would even call this movie a bit of a bore at parts, especially during the moments in which the characters interact with each other and the movie tries to do some character building. It's not interesting at all, which might also be due to the fact that all of the characters are wooden looking ones and are hard to tell apart from each other.

The movie feels like nothing more than just another cheap movie to cash in on the whole Starship Troopers franchise, without attempting to do and try anything new. For this reason alone you are already being better off skip watching this movie.


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  1. So this is a review based on an illegal pirate download since the movie is not yet released ? Or did you fly to Japan to watch there in theatre?