Maybe I'm just crazy but I wasn't all that taken by this much loved Star Trek movie. And yes, I'm perfectly capable of liking other Star Trek movies and series!

The main criticism for the first Star Trek movie, which was also this movie its predecessor, was that it was mostly a boring one. Well, I can't really say that this movie is much of an improvement. Boring is perhaps a harsh word but it's definitely a movie with slower moments in it and not all that much action or other excitement.

Besides, the story is being a bit too simplistic and straightforward, though it still tries hard to be clever about it all. It also lacked some good depth, which prevented me from feeling involved with this movie or with any of its characters. The emotional scenes therefore also fell quite flat for me.

It also aways confuses me as to why the Star Trek movies keep on introducing new characters in them, while the movies already had plenty of returning characters in them. This movie also introduces some new characters, that in the long run add very little to this actual movie. And Khan...well, I guess he's a good enough villain but I did wish the actor Ricardo Montalban who played him wouldn't had gone so over-the-top with it. His overacting is worse than Shatner's, at times.

There is still no need and reason to completely bash this movie into the ground though. I do admit that for its time this was simply being a good, high quality, science-fiction adventure movie. The genre at time still wasn't one that was being taken all that seriously and of course the technology was also still somewhat lacking to create a good and convincing science-fiction movie with. This movie however is being quite good and convincing to watch and everyone involved took their jobs seriously, so the movie actually does work out well within the realms of its genre.

Good for what it is but hardly the best Star Trek movie I have ever seen.


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