Can't say I fell in love with this movie but it has a certain appeal to it. As far as cheesy, overblown, 80's, B-action movie flicks go, this is being a petty enjoyable and good movie for what it is!

There were certainly certain aspects about this movie that I appreciated. One was its story. Not that it's being much good or anything cleverly written but it at least takes the movie to plenty of good places and meets some good characters along the way. And how many actions movies set in rural Africa are out there anyway? The movie is great and unique already, just because of that.

Another thing I also liked about the movie and its story was that Dolph Lundgren was being both the villain and main hero of the movie. There isn't really being a main villains in this, since Dolph Lundgren is already on the 'wrong' side and along the way switches sides, as he is growing more and more sympathy for his objective and their cause. the transitions his characters go through are pretty good to watch and gives the movie and its story something extra and more depth. It's probably also part of the reason why this movie is often being regarded as the ultimate Dolph Lundgren movie.

And this movie also definitely benefits from Lundgren's presence. He's a very charismatic lead, even while he doesn't speak an awful lot. He handles all of the action very well, both the hand to hand combat scenes as the ones in which he has to handle a large gun.

The action itself is always something decent enough. Certainly nothing that blew me away but there are still some large setup moments that are great to watch and definitely something the '80's action movie lover should enjoy and appreciate.

It's still being a totally silly and overblown action movie of course but if you're able to take it as just that, you'll most likely have a good time watching this movie.


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