A 2012 movie, starring Samuel L. Jackson, that no one has heard of? It should tell you something about the quality of this movie already. It should remain unknown to most people, since this simply isn't being a very good movie at all.

It truly amazed me how incredibly poorly this movie got done. It doesn't have any good storytelling in it and the movie is deprived of any good tension or emotions. This is mostly because everything in this movie comes across as stupid and nothing ever works out as anything convincing.

It's also all really because the movie hardly explains anything. Stuff doesn't make sense and just happens. It doesn't make any sense for the Samuel L. Jackson character to go through so much trouble just to mess with one guy's life. He basically is being like a stalker from hell, without any good motivation or character development. It's something that could work. I mean, just look at "The Hitcher". We don't know where this guy comes from and why he's killing people but it works out. For Samuel L. Jackson's character it really doesn't though. His character seems to be too rational, as opposed to just simply being psychotic and he also seems to get absolutely nothing out of killing and messing with people. No pleasure, nor thrills and the same can be said for those who watch this movie; you'll get very little pleasure and thrills out of it.

Yes, I know, it does try to explain a little toward its ending but the ending has a whole bunch of stupid and unlikely developments, that causes nothing to really work out, at least not in an effective and convincing enough way.

Seriously, all of the developments that transpire in this movie make you go; yeah right! Or; why don't the characters just simple do this or that? It's annoying, next to being stupid as well. It doesn't feel like a clever or well thought out movie at all and what makes things worse is that none of it is getting handled good enough in this movie either. No, Chris Fisher clearly isn't being a very good director, as this movie at times painfully demonstrates.

Besides the Samuel L. Jackson character, all of the other characters are lacking as well in this. Luke Wilson isn't a very good or charismatic and likable enough main 'hero'. I know, he was supposed to be an average guy but there is a big difference between being average or boring. Besides, the movie gives you no real good reason to root for him or his family, which again, is also due to the fact that they make some stupid and terribly unconvincing decisions throughout the movie.

Something that also worked out as something highly annoying for me was the musical score by Ryan Beveridge. There is almost nothing more annoying and distracting than a musical score that totally doesn't suit the movie and what is happening on the screen!

One of the worst thrillers I have seen in a while.


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