You could say this is a western only by its settings and time period it is supposed to be set in. Just don't go and what this movie expecting gunslingers or people riding on horses for half of the movie its duration. This is simply not that type of western. It's a western done Robert Altman style!

I am still learning and starting to get and see Robert Altman's style. Still can't say I am a big fan of him but I can still certainly appreciate this movie. Seems that Robert Altman movies are ones that aren't necessarily focused on its storytelling but are more movies that just moves along. It's a movie that observes, instead of tells. It makes his movies slow and not all that exciting but still realistic feeling ones, also especially with its characters and dialog.

It's still not entirely my cup of tea but I could still like and appreciate this movie for its style. I could especially appreciate for being different. Here is a movie that still has some of the familiar western tropes and characters in it but it takes a totally different approach on things, making it a pretty unique watch as well.

It also has a pretty solid story in it, that besides provides the movie with plenty of rich characters. It also definitely has some good acting in it, especially by its two leads Warren Beatty and Julie Christie. It even earned Christie an Oscar nomination.

The movie has a pretty raw and gritty feeling to it and not just due to its storytelling. Also its visuals really support this, making this an 'ugly' and 'dirty' movie to watch, in the best sense of the two words. It's a compliment really and means that the movie succeeds in creating a certain mood and atmosphere for this movie that suits its storytelling and characters well.

Not really my thing but I could still appreciate the movie and all of the effort and talent that went into making it.


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