This short is only about 4 minutes 'long', so it's not like you'll be wasting your time with watching your movie but it's definitely still one you could real easily do without.

In my opinion a short should make a point about something or be a great or fun one. This movie is being none of that really. It uses a rather simplistic setup and story, which it doesn't ever elaborate on. We are simply supposed to be believe this cab driver is having a romantic affair with his GPS. Or maybe the movie did indeed wanted to make a bigger and deeper point about it, such as how depended we are on technology nowadays and how it has become a real integrated part of our lives. But I didn't get that out of this movie at all, so it instead came across as a quite pointless one, that was playing for laughs, more than anything else really anyways.

Can't say I was too fond about the casting either. You have just one character for your movie but yet they managed to miscast a person in the role. Max Cullen is hardly convincing enough looking as a cab driver and the fact he was 72 already at the time of this movie its production doesn't make it any more convincing. Besides, his acting seems to be a little bit off, which was probably also due to the fact that he couldn't play off another person and was the only human character in the movie.

It's shot in a simple fashion, without any complicated setups. The camera-work and editing is all being quite formulaic, as is its directing approach.

It just isn't being fun or interesting enough to watch and it's really lacking a good story or good point to it all. Not the worst short I have ever seen but that is about as kind as I can get about it.


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