Thing I can say about this movie is that it seriously angered me while I was watching but not for any of the right reasons though.

Watching stupid people doing stupid things, that's how I would sum this movie up. I just couldn't believe how far this guy could take things and how easily and willingly people complied, from pretty much the early start on already. It was crazy to watch and it honestly prevented me from ever getting into this movie and feel for its main characters.

And yes, of course I realize all of this truly happened so I also therefore don't call it unrealistic but that doesn't take away anything from the fact that this movie still felt like such a stupid one. Watching people do things like this is in no way a fun or intriguing experience, not even on a social experiment type of level.

You could definitely see and take this movie as a social study, that shows how easily people can be influenced and talked into doing some things which under no other normal circumstances they would ever agree to do. But I just could never enjoy or take this movie in such a way, simply because I couldn't feel for its main characters and the movie never gave me a true good sense of what was going on in their heads, as a good movie of this sort should always be capable of. Because of that, the movie just never worked on an emotional level for me neither, since I never felt any involvement with its characters, or any of the events.

So for me personally, this movie was being a bit of a shallow and one note experience. I can definitely still see why some people would still 'like' this movie and take it for what it is but it just angered me too much to ever fully appreciate it, on any level.


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