Nothing wrong with a good, silly, action packed Kung Fu flick but this movie unfortunately has very little going for it.

First of all, I had an incredible hard time ever getting into this movie. Not necessarily because it was doing some silly things but more so because of its story. For most of the I had absolutely no clue what was going and who was fighting who and what for exactly. OK, so it's all drugs related I got that but please don't ask me what the main plot line was supposed to be all about. But what was even worse, was that I had absolutely no idea who the main characters was and what or who he was fighting for. The movie does an overall poor job with handling and explaining its story, which brings me to another point.

The movie really isn't all that well directed. Gregory McQualter is a first time director, that might be a good excuse but fact remains that both the storytelling and overall flow of the movie are far too lacking. It's obvious McQualter had more eye and passion for making a Kung Fu flick with plenty of action in it but he had no clue how to tell a good and compelling story as well, which got us involved with its characters and events happening on the screen. Not that the story itself seemed to be anything too solid either but I still have the feeling that in the hands of a more capable and experienced director this movie still could had worked out and at least would had become something more fun and entertaining to watch.

At first I thought it was a bad move for the movie to not let its main character, played by Zheng Liu, speak a lot. It made him uninteresting as a character and it was something that could had still worked out with a far more charismatic person. Then he however started to open his mouth more and suddenly I started to wish that he stayed mute for the entire movie. He really can't act and all of the dialog that's coming from his mouth sounded awful.

This obviously wasn't a very expensive movie to make and in that regard it's still being a bit of an accomplishment. It has a good look to it but I did also wished that I held back on its special effects a little bit more at times. It isn't always that convincing looking and it took away some from the movie its action as well.

The action is still some decent stuff. I at least feel and think that the genre lovers will still get some kicks out of it. Zheng Liu is obviously more talented in that department as well, though he most certainly ain't no Bruce Lee of course, which this movie desperately still tries to let you believe.

I was certainly glad when the movie finally was over.


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  1. "He really can't act and all of the dialog that's coming from his mouth sounded awful"

    really, and your blogging grammar doesn't read, awful?


    "that could 'had' still worked"

    'have' would have been better
    "but I did also 'wished' that I held back on"

    'wish' or remove did

    just saying :)