The way I see it; this is simply a short movie for the director to show of his skills. And there is nothing wrong with that of course, especially not when the director is as talented as Bulent Ozdemir.

It's definitely a good thing for aspiring filmmakers to first venture into the world of shorts and commercials. That way they can develop their style and see what works and what doesn't for them. Besides, they have full control, so they can basically do whatever they want! It's the best learning school for any young film-maker out there and shorts are often more interesting and stylish to watch than any given formulaic feature length movie out there.

And in that regard this short is also being a pretty good and interesting watch. To be frank, I wasn't taken by the story at all and it also seemed to be somewhat secondary for this movie but the technical aspects compensate a lot. The story was actually being something formulaic for these type of shorts, so it won't get any awards for its originality.

It has a great look and style to it, with some good camera-work and editing. It's not always perfect or flowing well enough but for a movie of this caliber, made with so little money and shot in, no doubt, so little time, it's simply being quite good all to watch and even somewhat impressive.

Overall the movie is being a bit too short and simplistic to truly leave a lasting impact but you can definitely tell there is some talent involved with this movie.


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