Thing I like about this movie is that it isn't overdoing anything, or feels the need to spice things up with gunfights or explosions. It rather relies on its story, characters and underlying tension, like every good thriller should do, in my opinion.

No, this movie doesn't has the most likely story in it and some of the developments aren't all that convincing but the movie is simply being good and enjoyable for what it is. As a thriller it does serve its purpose well and probably won't disappoint anybody that is looking for a good thriller.

In its simplicity and setup, this is being a quite effective thriller, in which a cop starts terrorizing a family, when he falls for the wife. Things are slowly starting to get worse and more troublesome for the family. The way the entire movie gets buildup ensures that the tension of the movie works out effectively. It's basically being one of those stalker movies, a lot got made of, during the '80's and '90's. This happens to be one of the lesser known ones but it most certainly is not among the worst ones as well. You could even say that this is being a bit of an underrated and under-appreciated movie.

This movie also made me realize what a shame and waste it was that Ray Liotta's career never truly reached great heights. There was a period, around the time of this movie, that he truly was an A-list actor but he never really managed to maintain this status and there are too few classics, starring him, to consider his career to be a truly successful one. There was far more in it really. It's not like he has stopped acting but it's hard to imaging his career is still going to take off now. He was an absolutely great and charismatic presence and villain in this movie and almost completely stole the show away from other fine actors such as Kurt Russell and Madeleine Stowe.

This really is being a good, straightforward, old fashioned thriller, that is definitely worth a watch.


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