Nothing to see here. Just another one of those movie in which a group of stupid people visit a haunting house and of course have some bad encounters with ghosts. But this movie is even worse than the average genre attempt and even the lovers of the genre will get very little out of this movie.

I think that the biggest mistake of the movie is that it's mostly trying to be a realistic genre movie, while it clearly didn't had the right budget or people involved to pull that off. The horrible acting causes lots of the moments to work out poorly and far from convincing, while the look and story of the movie also never made this movie feel far from a realistic one you're watching here.

The movie also has some pretty stupid developments in it. The story is taking some wrong turns and actually keeps switch different styles, so you are never sure exactly what you are watching here and how you are supposed to take this movie. It even makes the movie somewhat confusing to follow at times, especially toward the end. It gets confusing because things seem poorly connected and don't get buildup and handled properly.

You just won't care about anything that happens in this movie, or about any of its characters. I seriously don't even remember any of their names, even while I only just finished watching the movie. None of them seemed to have a good and distinctive enough personality and the movie is lacking a good and clearly visible main character in it as well. Why and how was I supposed to root and care for persons in the first place who were stupid enough to mess with ghosts, for no good or apparent reason and in the process made some extremely poor and just plain stupid decisions.

It's also unforgivable that the movie is totally lacking any sense of tension and mystery. It would at least made the movie remotely interesting and also good to watch for those who can enjoy and appreciate a horror flick. No, there is not even any decent gore and the other effects, such as its makeup, are pretty much below average as well. Again, mostly due to its low budget probably.

Due to its more slow and subtle type of approach, I would even call this movie a boring one as well. That's also really because there is never happening anything original or surprising in this movie at all. About halfway through you'll most likely be done with it all and are just waiting for it to end. And yes, you might as well turn the movie off at that point, since it's not like the movie has a clever twist or anything else that makes this movie worthwhile in it, after that point.

A truly bad genre flick!


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2 reacties:

  1. Well,i will be sure to avoid this then

  2. Just watched.....soooooo bad, and not good bad either. Just terrible.