First of all, "The Dark Knight Rises" ain't no "The Dark Knight", meaning that this movie never truly reaches the level of brilliance but I still consider this movie to be a more than fitting and great ending to the Nolan trilogy of Batman movies.

Obviously I had some problems with this movie, or else I clearly would had given it a perfect rating but none of the problems ever prevented me from seeing this as a great movie! So obviously none of the problems I had with this movie ever troubled me too much, though it still are some things that are worth pointing out.

I for instance did had some problems with the main plot of the movie. Bane's motivation and plan just seemed to weak and silly to me, while the character of Bane himself remains a great villain for this movie. He's incredibly strong but above all things can also really use his brain. It makes him a worthy adversary to Batman, on the same sort of level as the Joker in the previous movie. I only did wish he would had used his brains to truly get something out of all of it and wasn't just being evil for the sake of being evil.

Another thing that bothered me, about the whole trilogy as well by the way, is the fact that the movie has an incredible amount of characters in it. Every new movie also keeps on introducing new characters, while I feel that some of them truly weren't all that necessary. Let's face it, did this movie really need Catwoman in it? I so easily could see how this movie would had been without it and it really wouldn't had been anything lesser to watch. Besides after all, the whole dynamic between her and Bruce Wayne/Batman never felt that interesting and gave me a feeling as well that a lot of their scenes together were left on the cutting floor. I pretty much felt the same way about the Joseph Gordon-Levitt character, though this changed toward the ending when his true purpose became apparent. Don't worry, I won't say anything more than that but I thought it was a good and interesting move by the movie.

The movie did perfectly fell together by the end for me and it's final 3 minutes or so are absolutely great! I do admit it made me a bit teary, which means the movie did made an impact on me and I truly felt involved with the events and characters who were all in it.

And this entire movie is basically being handled and buildup as a finale conclusion. You can sense a sense of closure throughout the entire movie, which makes it a bit of a dark and sad one at times. I certainly don't see this movie as a spectacular and entertaining one. As a matter of fact, I still dare to say that Christopher Nolan isn't a great action director. But that's all OK really, since it's going for a totally different approach and seems more concerned about adding layers and reaching conclusions. This is not criticism, for the simple fact that it makes "The Dark Knight Rises" a much deeper and more meaningful movie that just the average superhero attempt, which is also something that can be said for the trilogy as a whole by the way. In that regard 'The Dark Knight' trilogy is truly a great and special one and one to treasure for many years to come, no matter how soon they are going to reboot the franchise again, which is inevitable of course and already had been announced before the release of this movie.

A great movie, that I just didn't love though. Well, expect for its final few minutes maybe!


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  1. I must be the only person who hated this movie. I hated everything about it. Literally. People in the cinema were on their phones throughout the movie, not even watching, then at the end they started clapping.

    It makes me question whether they truly enjoyed the film for what it was, or if they came into it with the bias opinion of it being the final Dark Knight film. I think that there's a bandwagon, and people jump on it because they're stupid!