It takes a lot for a comedy to truly make me laugh but this movie succeeded more than once! Guess this is really a movie that speaks to me, not so much with just its story and concept but more with its references and other little things that can be found in this movie.

The premise of this movie probably doesn't sound all that appealing to most and actually also lets this movie sound like a very typical, predictable and childish, gimmicky movie, that relies solely on the premise of having a talking teddy bear in it. But the movie is surprisingly clever and doesn't become a predictable or lame on in any way. It also most definitely is not a childish movie. Quite the contrary! It's an at times rude and cruel movie, filled with plenty of sex, booze and drugs as well.

In essence it's being a very simple and straightforward movie. It really doesn't have an all that complicated story to it but it still remains a well written movie, that flows well and barely has any misses or other weaknesses in it. It's a very consistent movie you could say, that doesn't ever goes overboard with anything and somehow manages to keep things fresh, interesting and funny, all throughout.

The movie really has some great and fun characters in it, which is also being one of the main reasons why this movie remains such a likable and fun one. It doesn't just center on the Ted character but also on the human character played by Mark Wahlberg. And this movie is finally being one in which Mark Wahlberg is playing a different and certainly also very likable character. Honestly, if you are a Mark Wahlberg hater you still might very well end up liking this movie and even Mark Wahlberg in his role.

The movie of course also works out well because Ted is being a convincing character in the movie. He really is a walking and talking teddy bear, that doesn't look fake in anyway. The movie uses some great effects for him!

No matter how bad or silly this movie might sound to you; just give it a shot! Changes really are that you will end up liking- or maybe even loving it.


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