It's always good to see something fresh and new. This movie turns tables around and turns men into sexual objects, the same way women have been portrayed for years, in many different type of movies. And I truly applaud this approach, since it finally gives women something tasty to look at (goes for some men as well of course) and something to lust over. After all, women are only human as well, it appears.

It really was inferable a movie like this would be made one day. But it's surprising to see it's being a pretty decent movie to watch as well. Yes, even for straight males. It's also somewhat surprising to see how popular and what a box office hit this movie was. This was probably only mean more movies like this, catered toward women, will be made, or at least more movies with some male nudity in it. It probably will start to become more acceptable and in some ways also starts being a must to bring in a large crowed, also for big mainstream movies. in that regard "Magic Mike" might turn out to be a revolutionary movie but for now, it simple remains a pretty good and fun little movie to watch.

And it really is a fun, little, harmless movie. Serously, I can't anyone being offended with this movie its theme or amount of nudity. The striptease moments really get really well incorporated into the movie and are not just there to shock or to make women gush. it's obviously being a big part of the story and everything got quite tastefully done. Even the straight males shall be able to appreciate the choreography and all of the skills and effort that went and to it and the whole way it got brought to the screen, by Steven Soderbergh.

Steven Soderbergh's approach was probably the reason why this movie was an above average one to watch. He often manages to put a certain realism in his movies, mostly with the way he lets his actors work. That works well for this movie and makes it a mostly pleasant watch.

I still have plenty of problems with it though. In essence its being a very simplistic movie, with a simple story in it, that isn't necessarily always going anywhere. At least not anywhere interesting. Another thing is that the movie mostly seems to be focusing on two different characters, which each their own thing going on. I feel that in this particular case it would had been better for the movie to focus on just one main character and have one main story going on in it.

It's definitely true that Channing Tatum's gets better and better, with every movie he appears in. He simply was perfectly cast in his role (after all, the movie is also loosely based on his early pre-Hollywood life and career) and this movie also was the one Matthew McConaughey had been waiting for all his career! Finally he has a good excuse to take his shirt off in a movie.

All in all, it's being far from a perfect film but most women will most likely hardly care about that. It's still being a good enough movie in itself as well, for basically just about everybody to enjoy!


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