Never thought I would see Matthew McConaughey playing Chris Cooper's farther!

But yes, don't worry. It has to do with the simple fact that this movie keeps switching back and forth between present time and the past. With the use of flashback it slowly starts to become more apparent what happened 40-years before a skeleton got dug up, somewhere in the Texas desert. Lots of different story lines and characters end up getting intertwined but luckily the movie never becomes a messy or confusing one.

It's actually a nice thing the movie has so many different characters in it, with each their own thing happening. It makes the movie, that otherwise probably would had been kind of slow, one that has always something happening in it and never becomes dull or a drag.

You could actually say that the movie thrives on its characters. Everything that is happening and going on in this movie is due to them. They makes things interesting, as basically all of them need to come on terms with themselves and their past. This really ain't no ordinary murder mystery but more of a character-piece instead!

And the movie of course has a great cast for that. The movie is well cast, especially when considering that most of the actors who appear in this movie weren't being big stars yet at the time. This for instance goes for Chris Cooper and Matthew McConaughey. All of the actors did a great job in this movie and were given plenty of opportunity to shine in this one.

The movie at first truly feels like a Coen-brothers movie and it maintains this sort of feeling and style pretty much throughout the entire movie but it's being a bit more drama than comedy orientated. I actually do believe that if the Coen-brothers directed this movie it would had been a far better known was, as well as a better one I feel. The movie could had used some humor and entertainment in at times, since the right type of story and characters were definitely there for it.

But oh well, the movie was going for a different approach and it still is for most part being successful with it as well. It simply great, little and simple movie to watch and there is also no good reason why you shouldn't!


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