Now, I wouldn't call this movie necessarily a bad one but it in fact is lacking a purpose and doesn't make a point or has a clear message in it, in any way or form.

Quite frankly, I just can't understand how adults could be involved with this movie. It's a movie about teenagers, so its set in a teenage world, with teenage rules. It's about the sort the sort of the stuff that only seems to be important when you are still at a young age and far from adulthood. Well, I say teenagers but of course all of them are being played by some 20-year old's, which is something pretty obvious and annoying about this movie as well.

And really, this entire movie seems to about a bunch of non-issues. I just don't see what the big 'conflict' is supposed to be in this movie and there is just never any sense of true drama in the movie. This is mostly what makes this movie such a pointless watch. Crazy thing about the movie is that you can watch just and only the first 5 and last 5 minutes of this movie and you won't feel like you missed anything because of the simple reason that you also haven't done so. The characters and situations are still being mostly the same at the end of the movie. Perhaps they could had still made this movie somewhat interesting by making it a coming-of-age movie but all this movie seemed to be concerned about was appealing to young teens, who perhaps will be able to identify with some of the characters and situations in this movie but I just can't even imaging them being all that entertained by this movie. There is just far too little happening for that.

It's also a movie that confuses and does some stupid things. I swear at first I thought that some of the characters were 'bad guys' but as the movie progressed it suddenly became apparent to me that they were part of the friend-group of the movie and you were even supposed to like these characters. And that's also a problem of the movie. Most of the character aren't really being sympathetic enough to ever care for or be interested enough in.

Also an odd thing to see some big name actors in a movie like this. Demi Moore, Thomas Jane, Gina Gershon, Jay Hernandez, all play some quite big parts. Perhaps they were just eager to appear in a Miley Cyrus movie, who is still being a hot young star but isn't exactly known for doing great movies.

Pointless movie, that is pointless to watch.


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