Quite surprised that this movie is being liked so well. It really is nothing more than a dumb. B-movie flick. It's the sort of stuff Jean- Claude Van Damme used to do in the early '90's. In that regard I also really don't understand how a respected actor such as Guy Pearce ended up playing the lead role in this movie.

The movie isn't even being an original one. It 'borrows' from a whole bunch of other movies, most notably "Escape from New York". Guess the film-makers wanted to do a "Escape from New York" set in space and forgot, or simply just didn't bothered, to come up with something good and original on its own.

But is the movie at least fun and entertaining to watch? Not halve as much as it could and should had been. There just isn't enough variety in this movie and lacks some good action set pieces. There is never a big confrontation or anything of that sort and even though it's a fast paced movie, there isn't really an awful lot happening in the movie when looking back at it, by the end.

The special effects also get ridiculously bad to watch at times. Common, this is an 2012 movie! These sort of effects are simply not acceptable anymore, no matter how low the budget on this movie was. I have seen some low budget '80's that had better effects than this movie in it!

Another aspect that prevented me from ever really liking this movie was its main character, played by Guy Pearce. He was supposed to be a wisecracking tough guy but his lines mostly worked out annoying. He just wasn't being a very convincing action-hero, no matter how many muscles Pearce gained for his role.

Granted this is not the worst B-genre movie you could watch but there is just nothing about it that stands out and it's still definitely more being a bad movie than a good one.


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