These slower sort of moving thrillers are definitely not my thing but I can still appreciate them for the talent and effort that went into it. This is also a movie I can definitely appreciate but it just ain't one that also liked or truly enjoyed watching.

Let me just say that this is not movie to watch late at night, or else you might end up falling asleep. It's not that the movie is bad or boring to watch, it's just that there isn't an awful lot happening in it. It's a slow moving and little thriller, that uses its settings and characters to tell its story, rather than relying on a complicated script, with all kinds of twists and turns in it.

You could say that this is being one of those more realistic type of thrillers, with real people and real situations in it. And that's all good to watch, as long as you don't expect any true excitement or any spectacular stuff. There is very little action in this movie and when there is, it's usually being very short. It's simply just not what this movie is supposed to be all about.

The movie also has an ecological theme to it and the movie is mostly set in the Tasmanian wilderness. Movies like this don't particularly interest me, which was probably also one of the reasons why I just didn't ever felt very involved with the movie its story, or with any of its characters.

It was good to see 'older' actors in this though. The movie is not all about young and vital persons but more about people who already had a long life and history behind them. It did work out well for the movie its story and the overall atmosphere it was trying to create. Willem Dafoe is of course perfect for this sort of role and Sam Neill also shows up, in a much smaller role than you would probably expect though. And this is really being a movie in which the actors get to shine. Not necessarily just by saying their dialog but also with using body language and facial expressions.

A good enough movie, just not really my kind of thing.


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