The whole approach to this movie took me back to the '80's, an era when the genre was at an all time height and the story didn't seemed to matter all that much. The era of big, dumb, overblown action movies, in which a lot of classics got made but even more absolutely horrible movies. I'm sad to say that this is also an absolutely horrible movie, that does some absolutely stupid things.

First of all, for most of the time I had absolutely no idea what was going. About halfway in it, I still had no idea who all these people on the plane were and why they were on it and what the hijackers wanted exactly. And it's not done in a mysterious thriller type of way but all done in a clearly incapable and lazy way. The storytelling is just absolutely horrible at times and the way the entire movie flows and develops certain story elements are done in an atrocious way!

Every time I thought that the movie would start to become potential good and interesting it would cut off and go to something completely different. You could say that the movie is being way too short and should had taken its time with some of its story- and character development. Yes, it sounds strange but I wanted this awful movie to be longer, so some things could had developed into something potentially good and more interesting maybe.

The editing makes the movie all the more worse at times. I don't know but it at times feels as if entire sequences were missing and it at times makes some sudden jumps. It will confuse you and lets some sudden developments and scenes come across as incredibly stupid.

And I also can't really say that this is an action filled movie. There are a couple of good old fashioned fist fights and some weapons get fired but overall its just nothing tense or spectacular to watch. There is of course only so much you can do with its premise and settings but simple fact is that there are plenty of other genre movies around that do a great job with its concept of a plane being hijacked in midair, so it really shouldn't be an excuse for this movie.

And how are the likes of Randy Couture, Dominic Purcell and Vinnie Jones in this? Absolutely awful, though I feel you can't blame any of them really. When given the right material, all of them still could be some decent action hero stars.

It's just as bad as any other dumb, low budget, action flick but this movie does some very stupid and incompetent stuff as well, making this movie worse to watch than just the average genre attempt.


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