Watching bad horror movies is like my favorite pastime but some movies are just so bad that they aren't even fun to watch. And yes, this is one of those movies.

The problem is that this is a very self aware movie. It deliberately tries to be bad and like a B-movie, which often is an approach that doesn't work out too well for these type of movies and make them annoying, rather than fun and entertaining, as clearly also is being the case for this movie.

The movie definitely doesn't play out as a serious and straightforward slasher. It's taking more of a comedy approach, with as a problem that none of the comedy is very good or clever. The movie its most fun moments are its cameo's by cult figures, such as the awesome Beetlejuice, Ron Jeremy and Sal Governale. But of course cameos can't save a movie and I think I would had actually preferred this movie done as a straightforward slasher. That way the movie at least would had been something more entertaining and thrilling to watch and might had resulted in some better gore and killings as well. There is now far more nudity than gore or blood in this movie really.

Everything in this movie gets extremely exaggerated, which gets truly tiresome after a while. I got fed up with this movie, about halfway through and it did absolutely nothing to ever win me back.

The movie is also definitely lacking a good and likable main character in it. It's all over the place with its story and characters, as if the film-makers were having a bit too much of a good time shooting this movie, which went at the expensive of the quality and eventual end result. It's not really following a good and clear enough main storyline, which only makes the movie more annoying to watch.

Really, I can truly appreciate the passion craftsmanship that went into a bad horror production but I just can't respect or like a movie that deliberately tries to come across as a silly and bad B-movie flick. It just feels far too forced and desperate, making the movie a far from good or fun one to watch.


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