Don't think that many people are aware of it but throughout the decades some pretty good movies have been released from Hong Kong. The movies are often more stylish and less restrained from lets say a Chinese or Japanese production. In a way they are more like Korean movies, which is good news to hear for those who love and are familiar with Asian cinema.

And quite frankly, this movie is all about its style. Or at least it was for me. It's actually hard to believe this is a 1994 production, since the style and approach of it feels far more modern. This movie so easily could had been made and released this present day and probably would had been a bigger hit as well, seeing how popular Asian movies are now days.

It's a very visual movie, with some amazing, innovative, camera-work. It truly makes the movie feel like a very lively and fast going one, even when there is not an awful lot happening with its story.

The story is being more one of the subtle kind. It takes its time to set up things and all of its characters and doesn't ever force anything. It sort of lets the story work out as a realistic and sweet one. It's a love-story but truly far from a typical one. Watching "Chung Hing sam lam" is an unique experience, in more than one way.

It might not be everybody's kind of thing but those who want to experience something different and more visual orientated shall have a great time watching this movie!


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