First of all, it was of course totally unnecessary to reboot the series again already. They might as well could had simply made this movie as a "Spider-Man 4", that way we wouldn't had to sit to another origin story, that besides isn't getting told as a very good or interesting one.

And that is the foremost problem of the movie; I just couldn't really ever get into it. It didn't always had a very pleasant flow to it and things didn't always progressed and developed very natural. Things just happen and you have to take a lot of things simply for granted.

There were plenty of things that bothered me about its story and storytelling. I for instance never bought into the whole romance between Peter Paker and Gwen Stacy. I have no idea what made them fall in love and what made their love so powerful or unique. Like I said before, it just happens but there is never really any notable chemistry or anything about it that makes you root for their love or make you feel and believe that these two persons belong together.

The movie also does quite a poor job with all of the character's motivations. There is no good reason for Peter Parker to develop and put on a suit and swing through the city, trying to catch criminals. There also really wasn't a good enough reason for Dr. Curt Connors to turn into a super-villain and there was even less reason for him and Spider-Man to become enemies. With this I mean that their story lines aren't really interconnected good enough with each other and Spider-Man so easily could had decided not to get involved and not to get his life at risk, since it wasn't like he was being an established superhero in the city already, who everybody relied on. Another reason why this movie would had been simply better, had it been done as a "Spider-Man 4", instead of as a fresh start to the movie series again.

It's a shame this movie failed to make any emotional impact on me since this obviously was the approach the film-makers were going for. A more personal and dramatic Spider-Man but the movie just really didn't had the right script for that. Even the whole uncle Ben storyline totally left me cold this time and so did the relationship between Peter Parker and aunt May, which always is an important aspect about the Spider-Man franchise, in my opinion.

And for goodness sake, stop recycling your own music so much, James Horner!

It of course remains a far from bad movie but there is nothing about it that stands out or make this a memorable or unique movie within its genre. It does absolutely nothing new but it of course does still provide some entertainment. I still did wish there was some more action in it at times though. But Peter Parker doesn't really become Spider-Man until halfway through and Dr. Curt Connors becomes the Lizard even much later on in the movie. It therefore takes a while for the action to truly kick in but when it does, it's all quite and fun to watch but overall the movie remains underwhelming, in about every way imaginable.

Also can't say that I was very fond of the casting. Andrew Garfield never gave me either a Peter Parker or Spider-Man vibe. He feels miscast in my opinion and I definitely won't mind at all if he gets replaced with another actors for the next movie. As a matter of fact, I doubt I will even notice it, since he's so incredibly unremarkable in his role and I doubt I will recognize him on street, even now, when I have just finished watching this movie. He isn't being very likable or charismatic enough in his role.

It really doesn't do or bring anything fresh, original or great to the series. Weak as a reboot and very mediocre as just another modern superhero movie.


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