The one thing I always like about a Michelangelo Antonioni movie is that it never lays out everything for you. You constantly have to invest yourself into the movie and fill in all of the blanks for yourself.

In that regard this is also being a very typical Antonioni movie, that perhaps is not as good or intriguing as his earlier works but it still remains a more than good watch, especially for those who like or appreciate his style of film-making and storytelling.

The main premise and time period of the movie is pretty interesting. It isn't really featuring a main and straightforward story but it's more a movie that is dealing with its reoccurring themes, concerning the sixties, rebellious youth, in America. It's also being a true product of its time in that regard, that gives a good portrayal of its time and overall mood.

But thing that mostly prevented me from seeing this as one of Antonioni's best was its second half. The movie started to become more vague, which also made the movie less interesting and pleasant to follow. It somehow also felt less focused, though its second half in essence is probably more focused than its first, since it features less characters and locations in it.

The acting is a bit of a mixed bag. Seems to me that they mostly used non-professional actors for this movie, which should add to its realism but more often takes you out of the movie.

It's still a good movie and also original, as you would expect from Antonioni!


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