This movie is not an epic drama due to its large scale but simple because of its story! It's a family drama and truly honestly one of the best that I have ever seen.

The story all sounds so very simple and standard on paper but simple fact is that it's all being executed very well, by director Luchino Visconti, who also helped to write the story (along with 6 others!).

What I like about it and the overall movie, is that it feels quite modern all for normal 1960 standards. It's definitely not being melodramatic or over-the-top in any other way imaginable and stuff and characters are being all kept as realistic as possible, which helps to let the emotions and drama come across more realistically.

The movie also feels modern with its storytelling and especially its pacing. The movie is quite long, as you could expect from a family drama but it really doesn't feel like a long movie at all and there just aren't any slower, more boring or uninteresting moments in it. A true accomplishment from Luchino Visconti, who directed quite a few movies that I really liked, such as "Ossessione" "Senso" and "Il gattopardo", that also all definitely show some similarities to this movie with some of its themes. But I also must say that this movie probably still remains the best Luchino Visconti that I have yet seen.

Love plays a key role in this movie but it's not the happy kind of love. It's the kind of love that can drive people and even entire families apart, as all happens in this movie. It's really a powerful drama about love and family, in which two brothers and a girl play a big role.

Also surprising that this is quite a good sports movie. Boxing becomes an important element in this movie, which even almost becomes an entirely different movie of its own. And I don't know, I always like boxing in movies, so I was quite pleased to watch it all.

It's a very well shot and told movie, that also get beautiful acted out by its actors. It all provides the movie with some very powerful and effective moments, including a great ending!


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