The only genre I have consistently enjoyed throughout the years is the horror genre. However, I'm getting more than fed up with some of the genre movies of recent years, that do absolutely nothing new and besides are poorly put together ones. Perhaps therefore I also wasn't really expecting much from this unknown little genre movie but as it turned out, it's a surprisingly watchable one!

Can't say that this is a brilliant or very effective genre movie but it least still does plenty of things right, which so many other movies do wrong. First of all, the characters are actually being somewhat likable. Normally these sort of movie, that have teenage characters in it, start to get on your nerves after a while, especially when some of them start doing some incredibly stupid and unlikely things. I never felt that this movie was going down that road as well.

The movie besides does a pretty decent job at telling its story. It's actually nice to see that the movie takes its time to develop things and don't get into the 'action' right away. It's actually telling you a story, instead of using its story as an excuse to have as many gruesome killings in it as possible. Also the non-linear storytelling does add to some of the movie its originality. Yes, it's still a very clich├ęd movie but at least things get brought differently this time, which lets the movie sort of work out as a refreshing one, even despite not being all that original.

The actual plot still remains a bit shaky. I mean, the whole killer aspect of the movie is being a bit too far fetched, even for my taste. The movie right now is being like a combination of a typical teenage slasher and a horror movie with supernatural aspects in it. It makes the movie feel a bit like an unbalanced one at times and also a bit of a mixed bag. Sometimes things work out but at other moments it makes the movie a bit too much of a ridicules and far fetched one.

But really, as a whole this movie is being a pretty good and enjoyable one. Especially when you are into the genre, this movie is worth giving a shot.


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