Very rarely has there ever been a movie in which its main character was so important and totally unmissable. The character of George S. Patton Jr. is such a strong, unique and dominantly present one that he is truly being the driving force behind this movie and the reason why this is such a great and fascinating movie to watch, that I just never grow tired of.

It even isn't really being a WW II movie. It's just a biopic that happens to take place during WW II and that involves an allied army general. But the true focus of the movie is really on its main character and his very strong and unique personality. Having said that, it of course still has the look and feeling of a WW II movie, complete with also plenty of epic battles.

It's fascinating to see the war through the eyes of a person who absolutely and completely lives and breaths for it. Patton was simply born to lead battles and make strategic choices. His personality and behavior brings him in trouble, especially with does above him and make him unpopular with some of his men but it seems that everybody still everybody seems happy about it that Patton is on their side. He was unmissable and yet impossible at the same time but he definitely helped to change the outcome of the war.

The character of course gets mostly brought to live by George C. Scott's Oscar winning performance. He really becomes the character and helps to make him a very powerful and unforgettable one. And even while he of course is being a totally despicable character, he always remains a very likable one, that you besides learn to understand and grow lots of respect for. He overshadows most of the movie its other characters but luckily the movie still finds plenty of room to focus on some other characters at well and let some of the other actors, such as Karl Malden, to shine as well.

The storytelling also helps to make this a very pleasant movie to watch. It's a serious movie but still with a light and entertaining tone to it as well. This also makes this movie a great one to watch over and over again. It besides has a pleasant pace to it, so you actually forget that you are watching an almost 3 hours long movie. Franklin J. Schaffner truly did a fine directing job with this!

An absolute must-see for its main character, the performance by Scott, the wonderful musical score by Jerry Goldsmith and just simply because this is one fine movie to watch!


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