The way I see it; this is a pretty good, fun and charming movie to pass some time with but it definitely isn't something too impressive or brilliant.

The good news is that this movie is very watchable for just about everybody. You don't have to be into Bollywood movies to like or appreciate this movie. Yes, the movie is very Indian but yet not really typical Bollywood like.

It basically is a very simple movie, with its setup. It's set during and around an arranged wedding and the movie follows multiple different members of the family and others involved. But it does in in such a way that the movie still feels focused enough and keeps a pleasant flow to its storytelling.

But what the movie is lacking with its storytelling is some edge. I feel that the movie too often decides to play things on the safe side and it doesn't goes quite far enough with some of its themes and story lines. It makes the movie quite tame but at the same time of course also more enjoyable to watch, so it's not like it ruins the movie or makes it a completely unwatchable one.

The characters all have something going for them and most are likable ones, which make them and this movie pleasant to follow. There are definitely a bunch of different characters in this movie but the movie does a good job balancing things out between each and everyone of them. It never looses its focus, though it so easily could had done that, at certain points.

The movie is also a colorful one, which of course adds to its overall atmosphere and enjoyment level, though the movie still definitely is being a serious drama as well. But luckily it's no melodrama and actually picks some realistic themes and has all of its characters responding and coping with it in a very realistic manner.

A good movie to watch, that you might even end up loving. After all, it's a quite popular movie!


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