Well, I guess the good news is that I didn't hated this movie and it's definitely not a horrible movie to watch but the bad news is that that's about the most positive thing I can say about this movie.

I can definitely see and understand what they were going for with this movie; a sweet and charming family drama, with some comedy elements in it. The only problem with all of it is that the drama doesn't ever feel very realistic. The way certain characters were handling certain situations and the way certain things progressed, all made this movie feel very fabricated and often things got put on too thick, causing the story and its main premise to never really work out well. I never felt emotional connected to anything or anyone in this movie. Besides, it's all being some very predictable stuff, in the way that you always know what is going to happen next and how the movie shall eventually end. It makes the movie even somewhat annoying in parts and definitely make it feel like a redundant one as well. You can real easily do without ever seeing this movie.

The movie is also still from the period that Ben Affleck wasn't exactly being one of the best actors around. He had a real hard time handling the emotional and more dramatic elements of this movie and obviously felt far more at ease handling its fun and comedy elements. So his performance is really being a bit of a mixed bag, though bottom line is that he simply got miscast in this movie. It has still has some good acting in it though but the movie its emphasis is mostly being put on the Affleck character and his daughter, who both unfortunately are being the weakest actors out of the movie.

The movie still has some moments and its stronger points. I can see how someone can still enjoy this movie for what it is and till some extend I also did just that but that doesn't make this a great movie as well, or one that fully succeeded at what it attempted to achieve.

In my opinion it's a failed attempt at blending drama with comedy elements but it still remains a watchable enough and harmless little film.


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