Sort of funny how this movie has almost nothing to do with its predecessor "Dèmoni". The first movie had a sort of an open ending and left the door open for plenty of post-apocalyptic movie fun but for this movie they picked a different story, that in essence is being very similar to the first movie. It's therefore not entirely an original sequel but at least it manages to be just as much fun to watch as its predecessor.

The first movie was set in a movie theater, this one in an apartment building. that's basically being the biggest difference between both movies but I'm not complaining. The first movie did so many things right and this sequel is basically redoing all of those moments again, in a bit of a different fashion, to keep things at least a bit fresh and still good and interesting to watch.

Nothing in its story is explained really and things just happen in it. Guess that is also what I like so much about it. It doesn't waste any time on setting up stuff, or by try making things work as anything convincing or plausible. It's just a movie that you simply have to enjoy for what it is. No doubt also that most horror lovers shall indeed love, or at least enjoy, watching this movie.

There is plenty of gore to enjoy in this movie and about just as gruesome to watch as its predecessor. The effects that it's using are simply fantastic, though it seems that they mostly simply recycled all of the effects of the first movie in this one.

And just like the first movie; this movie for most part isn't featuring a main character in it. It isn't toward its end that the movie suddenly starts to focus on just two characters. It however in this case isn't really being a problem for the movie, since this is a movie that entertains on a whole different level and stuff like story, characters and dialog come completely secondary in it.

Also when compared to other similar sort of genre movies, there is simply no denying it that this is one of the better ones within the genre, even though its mostly redoing stuff out of the first movie. The fun and gore compensate a lot really and make this a fun and simply good genre movie to watch!


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