This movie basically has everything you would expect from an Italian genre movie. Gore, blood, demons, a great soundtrack...except no nudity! But oh well, you can't have everything I guess.

It's one of those pretty obscure Italian productions, with a mostly Italian cast and crew but it got shot in Germany and dubbed in English.

Thing that this movie has especially going for it is its originality. It using some pretty original settings and concept and has an original take on demons. The demons in this movie are being more like zombies, expect with plenty of the speed and superhuman strength to them as well.

It's a movie that is especially great to watch for the genre loves. The movie has some absolutely great looking gore in it and lots of time and effort got spend on it, as well as its wonderful gruesome looking makeup effects. And really, it's a very gory movie and also features plenty of creative stuff, you probably have never seen before.

I really liked its simple premise and settings. The movie is almost entirely set inside a cinema. The movie for its first half definitely reminded me a lot of the later gory and fun film "Angustia". It also has a downside though; it starts to make the movie a bit of a repetitive one after a while. The movie begins absolutely great and promising but its middle part doesn't really always deliver, while its ending still makes it all worthwhile again though.

As far as the genre goes, this is really one of the better and more creative Italian genre movies out there!


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