With so many other high school comedies out there, this one definitely feels like a breath of fresh air, since it's taking a bit of a different approach, that works out as well.

High school comedies are either extremely goofy, or when they aren't, they are being complete annoying ones to watch, with its clichéd characters and standard story lines. This movie however feels like a different type of comedy. It still has all of the clichés in it and the movie has some silly comedy as well but it all is much more clever about with it. It actually has some good writing to it, even though the movie in essence is still being a formulaic one.

The story is all about the stuff that only was important at high school; being popular, having the right friends, dress properly, getting with the right boy/girl, struggling with grades and everything else in between of that. Normally stuff like his only annoys me in movies but in this movie it's all good and fun to watch. It's also because all of the characters are likable ones, so it's not punishment to follow them around in the story.

It besides has a good and pleasant pace to it, that keeps things going at all times. There is plenty of variety in the story as well and the movie doesn't just dwells on one or two story lines or characters. Looking back at it, it's quite amazing the amount of stuff they managed to get into this movie, also since it's only an about 90 minutes short movie.

This however also has as a result that some of the story lines are skipped over too quickly and end abruptly, while they potentially were some good and interesting story lines, with some likable characters involved. Also in essence, it really doesn't have a story that is going anywhere with anything. I can see how some people would call this an irrelevant and pointless movie to watch, though fact for me simply remains that this movie is a good watch and therefore alone is worth checking out already.

It's also being somewhat a social commentary to the '90's. Even though the movie itself got made in the mid-'90's, it still has the capability to look at it from a distance and even make fun of some of its odd stereotypes, such as its clothing.

It also is a movie with some good acting in it, which normally isn't really something that film-makers consider to be all that important for these type of movies. It's about looks only, for most of them but in this movie they managed to get together a bunch of solid actors as well. Alicia Silverstone is a great leading lady and it also was fun to see some now big name actors appear in this movie, in some of their earliest roles. I'm talking about actors such as Brittany Murphy, Paul Rudd, Breckin Meyer and Jeremy Sisto. Quite an amazing cast list for an high school movie, in today's perspective.

An original and enjoyable enough movie within its genre!


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