OK sure, it's a kids movie but that doesn't mean it can get away with everything.

Guess that I wouldn't had minded too much seeing this movie as a kid. It's being pretty enjoyable for what it is and I'm sure that kids at the time still got a real blast out of it but that really doesn't make this a great movie as well.

It's also definitely true that this movie feels really dated. It's because of the low production values of the movie, that let the movie look really old but also really due to all of its songs. It's some pretty horrendous '80's stuff honestly, that also involves lots of dancing. All the songs and choreographs, that go along with them, happen at random and might very well also start to get on your nerves.

But that basically goes for the entire movie. It gets a pretty annoying and far too childish movie at times. There is never enough any true creativity and they didn't really made a serious effort to come up with a good script.

This movie was just a vehicle for the musical group Regaliz, that consisted out of 4 young kids. The group only existed for 3 years and it never reached great heights. This movie was probably the highlight of their careers, which should tell you something.

Kids might still get some enjoyment out of it but it really remains far from a great movie.


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