Overall, I really liked watching this movie but it certainly was not without its flaws and weaknesses.

It was good to see a bit of a different animated movie for a change. I feel that this was a more mature movie, with both its story and humor. The emphasis is really put on its story and themes this time, rather than on its comedy and other distractions. And I feel that the movie did a pretty good job with its whole mother/daughter relationship theme, which felt very real and heartfelt and to me was what the whole movie was all about.

Thing I also like about the story is that it's being an original one, in the sense that it isn't based on any fairytale or well known story. It's an entirely original story, that still feels in the vein of for instance a brothers Grimm classic.

But having said all of that, the story still feels far from perfect. I for one wasn't too fond of its second half, in which the mother 'changes' and the movie starts to become an almost entirely different one. It besides could had used some more conflicts in it. For instance, there now isn't even being a villain in this movie at all and at times the story feels too straightforward and simplistic, as if the writers were in a hurry to finish it on time and had to leave out a whole bunch of ideas, that could had made this movie a bit of a deeper and more entertaining one as well.

The animations are really great. I liked the look of the movie and all of its characters. You could also definitely tell some serious time and effort went into all of it, which was all really worth it.

Despite of the movie its weaknesses, I overall still really liked watching it and therefore can also really recommend watching this movie!


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