This movie makes one big mistake, by completely taking the wrong approach. It tries to be more of a realistic and 'quiet'horror movie, with dramatic elements in it. Nothing wrong with that of course, since we have all seen it work out before but this movie just really doesn't have the right type of story for that.

Honestly, I would had probably liked this movie far better, had it been done as a very formulaic slasher. The movie after all is named "Boogeyman", which implies that there is a horror character in it but in fact, he is hardly in the movie at all, which also makes him far from a threatening or scary villain.

But this movie was clearly going for a different approach. The drama and realism could had worked out within its story, if only the movie was ore of an interesting one. Now the story really doesn't seem to go anywhere and you just never get the sense a big mystery needs to get resolved, or a killer has to be stopped. Absolutely no sense of urgency and danger in this movie, which makes it a lackluster one as well as an incredibly ineffective horror movie. It feels like such a pointless movie and it starts to become a boring one as well, very early on already.

The movie is truly lacking some direction and focus. It feels like they really weren't sure what to do with its story and how to achieve certain things plot-wise. The movie falls flat at basically every level because of that.


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  1. I watched this when it came out on DVD, and the only thing I remember is it being shitty. That's literally all I remember. Nothing about what the boogeyman looked like, nothing about the characters or story...nada. I guess you summed it up pretty well.