Sometimes it's just a sheer coincidence two different studios are working on a similar type of concept. However, I think that in this case nobody has any doubt about it that this movie indeed was made as a quick money grab, to ride on the hype of "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter". But even so, in all honesty, this movie is nothing too bad to watch and actually surpassed my expectations.

The movie is what it is; Abraham Lincoln battling a bunch of zombies. And really, it simply is all quite good and entertaining to watch. Of course its not a movie to take very seriously but that also wasn't the approach the film-makers were going for. It's simply a movie to enjoy and really one that requires you to shut your brain off for a moment.

For some reason 19th century and zombies always seemed like a perfect combination to me and it also does work out nicely for this film. The weapons, the sets, the costumes, it's all kind of surreal to watch in combination with a bunch of zombies walking around, especially when most characters are well known figures from American history.

It's quite random how some well known historical figures pop up in this movie. Besides Lincoln, also persons such as Teddy Roosevelt and general Stonewall Jackson show up. It's pointless all really but it adds to the overall fun and camp-level of this entire production.

And really, as far as low budget movies go, this is simply a fine one to watch. It doesn't really ever has a cheap look to it, except for its special effects at times. It's a quite professionally looking movie, with simply a good style and atmosphere to it and plenty of campy action to enjoy.

It of course is not a great movie by any means but I simply had a good time watching it and therefore also can't so too many bad things about it. It served its purpose well!


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