It's a trend to update classic fairy tales, or even let them take place in modern times, like this movie does. Or well, at least tries to do. You can't even really call this movie a modern update of the classic fairytale because this movie has absolutely nothing to do at all with the Snow White story. It just happens to feature a character named Snow White but that's about it really. It's a completely different story but definitely not a better one. On the contrary!

To be honest, I don't even know what the story is all about or what this movie is supposed to be exactly. Apparently it wanted to be a horror movie but I just can't really see it as one. It has no scares, no tension, no gore, no mystery but what is even worse, it has absolutely no enjoyment value to it. You don't feel involved with anyone or anything in this movie, also because the story just seems to be going absolutely nowhere and makes some weird and completely redundant choices, that add absolutely nothing to its main story. It makes the movie even confusing and not in a good way.

It's also a terribly cheap looking movie with a the sort of TV look to it. The kind of movie in which the night scenes are obviously taking place during the day time because they didn't had the right equipment to film during the night. They also seemed to have a problem with keeping the cameras out of the wind, since the image occasionally starts shaking a bit, which personally often distracted me as well.

Actually in all fairness, I was prepared to give this movie a 3 but that was before its horrible ending came along. It's one of those movies that feels the need to end with a surprise ending. Problem is that the surprise just isn't anything original and has been done death in movies already and besides feels like an extremely lame ending, that is an insult to its viewers.

You have bad movies that are so bad that they become fun and then you have some movies that are just simply so bad that they are just bad and nothing more than that...guess under which category this movie falls.


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