There is simply no denying that this movie is good and fun to watch for children but I just can't help but to feel and think that the movie could had been so much more and such a better one, with some adjustments to it.

The problem I had with this movie was that it felt like fun and an adventurous movie but once you really start thinking about it, there isn't an awful lot happening in this movie. It sounds strange, since the movie still works as entertainment as it is but the movie at the same time still feels like a bit of a waste of a fine concept.

There was so much more to explore and do with its concept. Here we have a movie that stars all of the classic movie monsters such as Dracula, the Frankenstein creature, a wolfman, a mummy and even the gill man, in a movie aimed toward young teens. But there is actually very little happening in the movie, which is also really due to its script, that just doesn't a very solid or original main plot line in it.

Yet it really isn't a boring movie but even though that the movie is fun, it just never gets off the ground as any good or involving enough entertainment. Things remain quite shallow and underdeveloped and I'm talking about both the story and all of the characters that are in it. Even the villains, that are all horror icons of course, remain a bit boring, also because their villainous plot never really becomes clear or threatening enough.

It's definitely a good looking and well made movie though. It just suffers from its uninspired script, though the movie still has some strong points as well to its story. One of those things is that nicely puts its emphasis on its kid characters and tells the movie from their perspective. It should make everybody feel young again and remind you of how uncomplicated life was at a pre-teen age. Things were still very black and white and all of your problems seemed to be trivial in today's perspective. All of the kid characters interact very well and realistically with each other, which is something that this movie truly benefits from.

Really, despite of all my criticism, I believe that this is still a pretty good movie for young kids, who will probably appreciate and enjoy it all better. Especially young boys, that are also into horror stuff as well.


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