In all honesty, I have never been a too big fan of the Men in Black franchise. It's good entertainment all but nothing too great.

And that is basically all this movie is; some good, simple entertainment. It's fun all but at the same time also rather simplistic. This especially goes for its story, which really is the foremost thing that is keeping the movie down and preventing it from ever becoming a true classic, or absolute must-see.

I mean, I love the Edgar bug and Vincent D'Onofrio's performance but the whole villainous plot is kind of standard and shaky and also seems to be completely secondary for the movie as well. Really, the movie and its story are in its core all incredibly standard.

Yet the movie still works out as good entertainment, which for most part is due to its two main characters and their dynamics. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are total opposites of each other, in about every way imaginable, which is the reason why their interactions work out as something great and amusing. Besides, they have some great chemistry together and play surprisingly well off each other. Surprising, since Tommy Lee Jones normally isn't the comedy type of guy and Will Smith at the time still had to somewhat proof and establish himself as a leading man in movies.

Yes, as a comedy, or buddy flick if you will, this movie does not disappoint. It will make you laugh and keep you entertained, pretty much throughout its entire running time. It lets the time fly by really and the movie is over before you know it. It is a good thing that the movie doesn't waste any time on anything and keeps a fast pace throughout. It still has some distractions it it, which were unnecessary in my opinion, such as everything involving the Linda Fiorentino character.

The special effects are all pretty good, especially also for 1997 standards. After all, it's also really still a science-fiction flick so its effects and look were also important for the movie. The movie besides uses some absolutely great makeup effects and creature design, by Rick Baker.

Another thing that I'm really fond of is the musical score by Danny Elfman. It's some typical Elfman stuff, that suits the overall style and atmosphere of the movie very well. It also sadly is one of his last true great scores.

All in all, really not a perfect movie but it still remains some good entertainment to watch.


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