Seriously, this movie features an incredibly flawed concept, that is besides is also being incredibly simple and formulaic. Basically all this movie does it telling the same story over and over again, in 10 different chapters, involving different characters.

This is basically what happens in every chapter; person hears a noise, person checks it out, person sees a ghost, person dies. Really, this is what happens every time! And was every story supposed to be related? I don't know, or perhaps I should rather say; I just couldn't care about it and the movie didn't make enough effort to make this clear enough. It for some odd reason also gets told in refers order. So the movie starts at chapter 10 and ends at 1, with a prologue and an epilogue to it as well. Why? Just because they could I guess, since this approach doesn't really add anything to the overall movie.

From a movie featuring different chapters, with different stories and characters in them, you would expect some more variety but 3 chapters in makes you realize that this movie is going to do absolutely nothing original and will keep on repeating itself, till it's finally over. Guess everybody can make a movie that way. It doesn't require any originality or true effort.

Besides, every chapter is just a few minutes short. How is its tension supposed to get buildup that way? How are we supposed to care for characters we only see a few minutes? It all fails at it because of the reason that most chapters are such incredibly short ones. One is even about 30 seconds long, which perhaps was the weirdest moment of the movie.

And because of it that the movie is basically the same thing over and over again, it totally looses its power. It ruins the tension and almost completely destroys its horror because you already know what is going to happen in each chapter. Perhaps lovers of Japanese horror can still mildly enjoy it. I mean, it's some very typical stuff all and in all honesty it's not the worst thing you could watch.

Totally lacks originality and keeps on repeating itself! There are still far more worse movies to watch out there but there is no reason either why you should ever go watch this one.


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