Not really sure why this movie got pretty much ignored, at the time of its release. Not just by the movie goers, which is perhaps somewhat understandable but more so by all of big award ceremonies. By all means this movie should had swept a couple of them and it truly earned some more recognition.

Drama's normally aren't even really my kind of thing but I just got captivated by this movie and was really liking it. Guess the main reason why I like it was because it wasn't being a pretentious or melodramatic one and it deliberately kept things small, which gave the overall movie also a sense of realism to it.

For me it was a movie about people in search of themselves. Basically all of the characters are unhappy with their current situations and are searching for ways to break out and to get more in touch with themselves. This goes for the movie its youngster, which also makes this a sort of coming of age movie but also for their parents. Every character goes through some sort of inner transitions and the movie does a great job at balancing it all out.

Basically everybody has a fair share of screen time in this movie. There aren't really one or two main characters but more like five or six of them. Every storyline is about as equally interesting and good to follow as the other. At least in my opinion of course. I personally got grabbed by it all, also since it isn't really being a standard drama, that is being predictable to watch from start till finish.

It's also a movie that is being made great and intriguing to watch by its cast-members. It truly has an impressive cast-list, with actors such as Kevin Kline, Joan Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Tobey Maguire, Christina Ricci and Elijah Wood, among many others. A cast to kill for and everybody did a great job, playing their character.

A really overlooked Ang Lee movie, that is definitely worth checking out!


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  1. Mmm I really liked it too. Not sure I agree with it being overlooked though. I was 17 and it is a long time ago, but I remember some definite critical acclaim and it was recommended in the filmbibles I used back then, the 'videojaarboeken'....

    I do agree that too little people are currently aware with it's existence and quality :-)