What a shame. I was absolutely into this movie and was enjoying it very much but something went terrible wrong within its last half hour or so.

This is the movie that loves to present itself as the one about the invention of the vibrator. And while theoretically this might be true, there is no vibrator in this movie, until its final 5 minutes or so. The movie is more about hysteria, a diagnosis made by doctors for women in neurotic conditions, which got caused dysfunction of the uterus. At least that was what they thought of course at the time, which was around 1880. All what this women needed actually was a bit more love, caring and stimulation in their triangular love area. And that really is more what the movie is about; the sexual liberation of women. I see this as a very feminist movie, set in time that this really wasn't anything common or something that even got talked about. It was simply not accepted and known that women could also enjoy sex and have needs and desires. And as a strong and likable feminist movie, I absolutely respect this movie and could also enjoy it but other than that, it makes some bad choices with its story at times.

It's as if everything that this movie build up and attempted to do in is first half got torn down and completely ignored during its second. Plot lines suddenly get abandoned and the movie completely seems to loose its focus and instead suddenly starts to focus more on its personal drama. The movie starts to become about something else, which is something far more common and not half as enjoyable and interesting as its original subject.

And really, I liked how they handled its original subject. It of course would had been very easy to turn this into a silly comedy. After all, this is a sex comedy, set in an incredibly prudent time. The movie however handles its subject very maturely but not without making it fun to watch as well. You also really shouldn't be afraid that this movie could make you feel uncomfortable. The movie is not heavy on its sex and definitely not graphic either. Everything sex related in this movie is actually were most of the movie its fun and comedy comes from.

It also has a great cast in it. I was truly impressed with Hugh Dancy and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Also Jonathan Pryce plays a really solid supporting role.

It's also definitely a well made movie, that is good looking with all of its sets and costumes and got capably directed by Tanya Wexler. There are just however too many distractions in the story, which drives it away from most of its good things.


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