It is true that I love bad movies and I also love horror but bad, modern horror flicks are just movies that I can't stand. They are incredibly formulaic and their low budgets often make the movies of some incredibly low quality. In that regard this movie perhaps is the worst genre example but it still is lacking good ideas and a decent enough story.

I don't even get the story of the movie. I don't get it why these people have to go to an old rehab center and I don't get what their relationships are. I don't know what they were trying to do and why they simply didn't get out of there when things started to go bad for them. I don't get any of it, or perhaps I should rather that I couldn't care about it and therefore also never really ever tried to understand the movie.

The characters are also a reason why the story doesn't work out. They don't really get developed well enough and remain far too shallow and none of them is really distinctive or likable enough to start to care for. besides, they of course aren't exactly being played by the best actors around.

The thing that this movie also could had used was a clear and visible main villain. Instead now people just simply die but yet there is never a sense of true threat, since there is no monster of psychotic serial killer on the loose. Oh well, perhaps it would had made this movie even more formulaic, so perhaps it's actually a good thing that this isn't in the movie, though it could had provided with some better and more interesting kills and some better build up tension/horror.

Problem with these sort of movies also always remain is that when you have seen one of them, you have seen them all. There is nothing original about it really and the movie didn't even seemed to try to throw in some good and creative ideas of its own. It plays things safely and predictably, which makes this far from anything special or interesting enough to watch, especially for those who are into the genre.

No, horror lovers certainly won't enjoy this movie very much. It's far too formulaic and besides doesn't feature anything scary or gory in it. The movie doesn't really ever show you anything but only implies a lot, which also includes a bunch of false scares, that aren't even getting handled and used properly in the movie.

A bad genre movie, that definitely is not the worst but that is not saying much in this case really.


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