It's strange, since this certainly is not a great movie but yet I somehow really enjoyed it.

In essence this is a very basic and formulaic Dracula movie, in which a bunch of people end up at Dracula's castle, who once again gets resurrected and goes after female throats again. For some reason Dracula always seems to prefer female blood, what is up with that? But anyway, that is basically all there is to this movie. Sounds incredibly formulaic all but still the movie somehow manages to become a good and likable one within its genre.

The first thing that of course makes this movie great to watch is its atmosphere, which is always present throughout basically every old fashioned Hammer movie. In this particular case the atmosphere is mostly being very dark, which often adds to the tension of the movie.

And the movie does overall quite a good job with building up its tension. It's a very slowly told movie, which also gives it a mysterious kind of vibe to it. As a matter of fact, very little is happening in the movie its first 30 minutes and Dracula doesn't show up in it until 45 minutes in, which is the halfway point of this movie. But it's not like the movie ever feels boring. There constantly is a sense present throughout the movie that something could happen at any moment. This works out great for its tension and overall buildup.

It's also sort of funny how Dracula himself is hardly in this movie. Christopher Lee is literally in a handful of scenes and he doesn't even have any speaking lines this time. That doesn't mean that he doesn't shine as the caped count. He's absolutely charismatic and threatening in his role and the moments with him in it are still the highlight of the movie.

Great old school horror!


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