After hearing so many bad things about this movie, I was kind of expecting the worst but I must say that the movie is not nearly as bad as some people make it out to be. Or well, perhaps it just happens to be so that I have seen far worse stuff in my life already.

This movie still remains a failure, since it doesn't succeed at what it attempts to achieve. Seems that the movie foremost wanted to be one about the survival of the fittest and how the human minds works and can change when a persons get packed together in a closed environment, in this case a bomb shelter, after a nuclear explosion. This potential all could had been good and interesting. It could had turned into a pretty decent psychological thriller but problem with the movie is that it never handles anything realistically enough. The movie is ridicules and totally unconvincing with both its events and characters.

All of the characters are such extreme stereotypes and all do some stupid and highly unlikely stuff. It just never feels likely that people would truly behave like this, in case of a real similar type of event. Every character in this movie basically does something despicable as well, which makes all of them far from likable enough and the only character that still works out is the Lauren German, since she seems to be the only normal one.

Another weird aspect about the movie is that it feels like two separate movies. The tone and story of the movie its first and second half seems to be completely different, as if the film-makers changed their minds halfway through the production of this movie. Every little plot line that got buildup in its first half and everything that could had been potentially good and interesting gets completely ignored in its second half. And because the movie feels like two completely different stories, the movie also tends to get and feel a bit overlong. I get fed up with it after a while, also since the movie simply seemed to run out of steam and new ideas after a short while already.

Nothing too exciting, tense, original or well made. It's not the worst movie you are ever likely to see but still I just can't think of any good reason why you should ever go watch it in the first place.


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