Seriously, I love Sacha Baron Cohen as both a comedian and actor and I am actually still convinced of it that he will win an Oscar some day but this movie unfortunately was a big misstep.

Lets be honest. Is this movie in essence any better than a Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler or even Rob Schneider flick? In my opinion absolutely not! It suffers from the exact same problems and comedy-wise they have just about as many hits and misses in them.

It is simple; this movie its foremost problem is really its script. It's actually shockingly weak and simplistically written. First of all, it isn't being original enough in any way and second, the way it progresses is all extremely predictable. Nothing in this movie happens as a surprise but what is maybe even more disappoint and troubling is that the movie is lacking edge and punch. It's actually a pretty tame movie, by normal Sacha Baron Cohen standards, even though its concept and main character all sounds like something potentially offensive and politically incorrect. However I feel that nothing about this movie works out as anything offensive or edgy and Sacha Baron Cohen is simply just playing a comical character, that is way over-the-top and relies on written material, rather than Cohen's improvisation skills.

It really is a movie with more misses than hits in it, comedy-wise. And when it hits, it doesn't ever hit very hard. There are some mild laughs but that's about all I could get out of this movie.

I don't even feel that Sacha Baron Cohen plays a very good character in this case. It's a character that is way too over-the-top but yet he still never goes far enough with it. Aladeen is never really being cruel or threatening enough. His actions are just simply stupid and ignorant, in a childish kind of way.

The movie is never anything annoying or truly horrible to watch but still there is no good reason why you should ever go watch it, in the first place.


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