Its story makes that this movie isn't anything usual to watch. But really, that should come as no surprise, since the movie got directed by Luis Buñuel. A man who loved to create some surrealistic pictures, about unusual subjects.

But as far as Luis Buñuel movie go, this one is pretty mainstream and straightforward. It still has some dreamlike sequences in it but overall its narrative, dialog and characters are easy to follow and understand, making this movie a perfectly accessible one for just about everybody. So really, don't let the name Luis Buñuel scare you off, if you are afraid for some artsy fartsy type of stuff. Really hardly any of that present in this movie, though it still remains something unique and stylish to watch.

The movie and its story is being an exploration of a woman's sexual fantasies. And it's not the romantic and cute kind of stuff. Things like bondage and other masochism pass through this movie, which all seems to be in big contrast with the cute looking and soft spoken Catherine Deneuve character. But that also makes it work out, I guess. It keeps things surprising and interesting because you basically never know what you can expect next from her and where the movie will be going with everything.

Despite of its serious and heavy sounding subject, this actually remains a pretty fun movie to watch as well. This is all due to the unusual fantasies and the wishes of the customers the Catherine Deneuve character hooks up with, when she starts working as a part-time prostitute.

The movie handles all of its themes very well and interesting, which gets you into the mind of the main character and understand her dilemmas and motivations. You don't ever condemn her, even though she is also committing adultery on her unknowing and somewhat too sweet and naive husband.

It all got beautiful told and shot, thanks to Luis Buñuel's directing approach, which had always been more visually orientated.

A great and original movie to watch!


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