Right now, I really can't think off an earlier genre movie. This movie has got to be one of the very first disaster movies, a genre that became particularly popular in the '70's.

It's sort of hard to watch this movie now days, since it's hard to detach it from "Airplane!", which is a movie that spoofs this movie. Some of the scenes and pieces of dialog are even exactly the same, which makes it particularly hard to watch this movie with a straight face and see it as a different movie on its own.

I tried as best as I could but while trying so, I just couldn't ever really like this movie. It takes itself far too serious, even while it's having quite a ridicules concept. It also does a bad job at handling and building up its tension, which makes this movie even worse to watch.

Nothing really ever got developed well enough and the characters remain disappointingly flat and stiff. How was I supposed to care for any of these persons? It of course doesn't help that the acting in this movie is absolutely dreadful. Even Sterling Hayden, who obviously was a more than capable actor, was quite horrible in this movie. This is all also partly due to it that the movie features some truly bad dialog in it at times.

It's a bad movie in a goofy sort of way, which still makes this movie a somewhat watchable one.


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